Minimarket & Delivery 24/7 365 DAYS – Order Online, We Take It Home for You

Mini Market

24 Hours 365 Days

Your 24h. Minimarket with home delivery in San Pedro Alcantara.

24h Delivery

Home delivery on minimum order: 50€ + Taxi

24h Delivery

Home delivery on minimum order*

Daily Hot Bread

We bake bread every day. Loaf, vienna, smurfs, muffins.

Seasonal Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

We work with the best distributors in the area offering quality products.

Milk, Eggs and Dairy

Barnyard eggs, milk and dairy products of the best brands.

Varied Food and Beverages

Variety of food and drink of different brands.

Ice and Frozen Products

One of the best known brands. Pizzas, paninis, ice and ice cream.

Personal Hygiene & Cleaning

Everything you need for everyday life and household cleaning.

Online Ordering

Ask us through WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram.

Order Online
We Take It Home for You

Save time getting your groceries delivered to your home, with a minimum order of 50€. We have same day service and express delivery. What are you waiting for? Contact us, tell us what you need and save time 😉

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Minimarket & Delivery 24/7 365 Days

New! Delivery

If You Don’t Want to Move, We’ll Go

Monday to Sunday Every Days

Monday to Sunday: 24 hours
*Minimum order: San Pedro – Marbella – Estepona 50€ + Taxi

Most Popular

Varied Food & Beverage

All kinds of food and drinks. Bread, cold cuts, cheeses, preserves, cereals, nuts, chocolate, juices, water, wine, beer, milk, yoghurts, etc.

Seasonal Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Variety of fruits and vegetables. Avocado, tomato, oranges, melon, strawberries, watermelon, bananas, etc.

Ice and Frozen Products

Pizzas, paninis, ice and ice cream.

Acemar Hostel & Minimarket

Grupo Acemar introduces delivery in an effort to innovate its traditional minimarket with home deliveries. Enjoy your purchase without leaving home 🤗